Zablaće is a settlement near Šibenik, located in the heart of Dalmatia. The historical documents of 1432 describe it as a place where the residents of Šibenik used the salt-pans. The settlement has been burned down twice by the Turks, in 1519 and 1537. Because of that the salt-pans completely stopped working in 1646. The names of former salt-pans are still known: Veliko jezero -the Great lake, Mala Solina or Blato –Mud (efficient in curing rheumatism, according to expert medical analysis), Mala Solana ili Jezero – the Lake, connected to the sea with a cannal. Beautiful beaches stretch along the entire settlement, with a nude beach situated nearby. There is a shop, post, restaurants, caffees and taverns („konoba“) suitable for all ages, plus two children playgrounds.