Did you know that the shell Pidoča or Mussle in the Šibenik aquatorium, especially at the river Krka estuary, grow up to 5 times faster than anywhere else in the world, and that they are consiedered as the biological wonder of Mediterranean. And the residents of Šibenik prepare this shell in over 140 different ways. The starting point for boat trips to National Parks Krka and Kornati, as well as for trips to the island of Šibenik region, is located in the immediate vicinity of your apartment, and St. John’s chappel (1837) is situated on a very beautifull location near the sea. Your apartment is located 2 kilometers from the hotel-tourist complex “Solaris”, 6 kilometers from Šibenik, with its well known St. James’s cathedral, built by Juraj Dalmatinac in the fifteenth century, unique in Europe due to its construction without the use of bonding plaster and wooden structural elements. There are another 24 churches located in the city, 6 monasteries, 4 forts, 4 attractive wells, 2851 stone stairs, the largest number of Baroque organs and the medieval monastic garden of St. Lawrence – the only of its kind in Croatia. Beautiful Šibenik archipelago is consisted of 242 islands, islets and reefs with only 10 island resorts. The most famous among them are certainly Zlarin – the Coral island, Krapanj – the Island of sponges and Prvić – the island of Šibenik’s nobles. On the other hand, the hinterland of Šibenik hides 5 rivers, 3 large and 10 small lakes, 5 mountains, 1 national park, 2 parks of nature and 8 waterfalls.

Apart from the cultural-historical sites, the city of Krešimir offers you Babić, superior local wine, which perfectly blends with another specialty of Šibenik, fish stew, but also with smoked prosiuto and cheese. For adrenaline lovers, there are many extreme sports at the reach of a hand – bungee jumping, paintball, mountain biking, several diving centers, cycling and mountain trails, and a beautiful newly built seafront promenade. And all this just a step out of the apartment, which you can enjoy during winter and summer periods at a reasonable price.

-* two rows of black embroidered decorations from the hat of the commoner situated on a higher portrait garland of the Šibenik cathedral